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CDL School or Company Training?

Enroll in a CDL school or complete your training through a trucking company? That is the question. Especially for those interested in beginning a new career as a professional truck driver.

Both training programs are wildly successful and options that many truckers have used. However, the two are not the same. Therefore, we compiled a set of pros and cons for each program.

CDL School – Pros

An advantage to enrolling in a CDL school is that you can earn your CDL in the matter of weeks. Additionally, most CDL schools offer financial assistance, and/or government funded programs to aid in the cost of training. So, check your options!

Furthermore, you’re learning from the best. CDL schools are often equipped with skilled instructors who have many years of OTR experience.

Also, there are many CDL training schools that will help with job placement after graduation.

Lastly, you get to choose which type of CDL you want.

CDL School – Cons

One of the cons to a CDL school is time taken away from other areas in your life. For instance, people working full-time or with hectic schedules may have to take time off to attend class.

Additionally, there is a commitment requirement to completing training in a certain amount of time. This may not be feasible for someone with a demanding work schedule, or someone with family-related responsibilities.

Company Training – Pros

However, the biggest pro to company training is that little to no money is required to start. Also, most trucking companies will pay for your CDL training. However, you will be required to pay it back over time. Usually, payment begins once you start working.

Moreover, when you train with the company you’re going to work for, you won’t have to spend time job hunting.

Company Training – Cons

A major con is in the cost. Because most trucking companies are independently owned, they cannot provide financial assistance. Although the company may pay for your training cost upfront, you will be responsible to pay it back.

Additionally, if a CDL company offers training at no cost, they will likely tie you into a contract in return for payment. This can be disadvantageous if you are not interested in working for the company.

In brief, there are several pros and cons to company training and CDL schools. It is all a matter of what works best for you.

What do you think is more beneficial in the long haul? Comment below.

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