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Hawaii Has the Highest Average Utility Cost in The Nation

Honolulu, Hawaii – For every Hawaii households spend $730 a month on average for utilities. According to a new research, that’s the highest average in the nation. It also exceeds the second-priciest state-Alaska, for more than $200.

The analysis features the average monthly costs for electricity, natural gas, cable, internet and water in each state. The survey looked upon the costs of utilities for average household for ranking purposes.

Hawaii has the highest average cost for utilities due to high electricity costs. According to the analysis, each household in Hawaii spends about $300 a month to pay for the electricity. That is higher than in any other state of the country.

Hawaiian Electric has a disagreement with the calculation of the costs, referring to the fact that the calculation was based on the national average for electricity use.

The issue is that residents of Hawaii use less electricity on average if we compare with their mainland peers.

Depending on the island you live on, the monthly household cost for the electricity varies for about $170.

When it comes to the cost of gas used in Hawaii, the number is $233.20 per month.

With the internet and over costs, such as water and cable, the utility cost in Hawaii is the highest in the nation.


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