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Mercedes Benz Flaunts Futuristic Designs

The Mercedes Benz S-Class limousine packs quite the punch when it comes to flashy technology. The carmaker will release the new design next year and then incorporate the layout into more affordable car models. Updates will include contactless payment and voice commands among other luxury and safety features.

Only insiders currently know what the car will look like. The exterior design should be unveiled within the next few weeks. But the equipped technology suite brings plenty to geek out about in the meantime.

Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX)

MBUX promises a whole host of cool gadgets. Firstly, customers can equip their cars with up to five digital screens. Secondly, heads-up displays will project important information about the trip onto the lower driver’s-side windshield. It will create depth to help drivers spatially, as well. A door exit warning will alert drivers to upcoming cyclists and passing cars. And an electronic seat adjustment will position mirrors and seats based on the driver’s height.

But that’s not all, folks!

The new design also includes some seriously luxurious perks. Drivers can look forward to pampering. All they have to do is say “I’m tired” and the car will enter an “energizing comfort mode.” This mode activates massage seats and adjusts temperature control.

Potential contact-less payment calls for more security features, too. So Mercedes has equipped their cars with two options. Drivers can use a PIN to identify themselves. Or, if they’d rather, they can use the recognition software. This program will recognize faces, voices, and fingerprints. And if you share the car? Don’t sweat it! You can create up to seven different profiles for drivers.

We just hope the exterior is as cool as the interior is shaping up to be. If the leaked Instagram pictures are anything to go by, we can all look forward to something pretty sleek.

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