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Hawaii Auto Shipping

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Car Transport Depot is a family-owned auto shipping company with twelve years of experience. Over that time we have shipped hundreds of thousands of vehicles across the entire United States. We ship many types of vehicles, no matter the condition.
Safety Comes First

Safe Vehicle Shipping – here is what Hawaii Auto Transportation depends on since 2006. Once being a small business, we developed to be one of the leaders in the car shipping industry.

Oversea Auto Shipping

Although Hawaii doesn’t have any road connection with other US states, it is possible to have your car in there. How?… We offers one of the easiest (for us) ways of car shipping, overseas auto shipping.

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We understand you are in a hurry to find a car transporter to Hawaii, so you can enjoy your vacation. On the other hand, you can be in a hurry to get your vehicle from Hawaii, to get back to your work and daily life quickly.

Shipping a Wide Variety of Vehicles

Hawaii Auto Transportation easily ships all kinds of a vehicle across the ocean. Yes, yes! Our auto shipping service includes sedans, sports cars, luxury cars, pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles called SUV’s, mini-vans and large passenger and cargo vans.

Responsive Customer Service and Team

Hawaii Auto Transportation is the key solution for your overseas auto shipping problems! Get a FREE quote on our website and our agents will get back to you with your deal. Another expedited option is calling us at (808)-518-6000 to get rates in person.