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Bill Would Pause the Development of Visitor Lodgings Islandwide

You are currently viewing Bill Would Pause the Development of Visitor Lodgings Islandwide
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A bill is a newly proposed moratorium on visitor accommodations that would extend to our entire area on an island. We are bracing for what is an anticipated influx of visitors next month. Therefore, residents here have voiced their support for this newly proposed moratorium.

Bill: Another Proposed Moratorium

Coming on the heels of another proposed moratorium, this new bill would, in fact, pause visitor accommodation development in West and in South Maui until their community plans are, in fact, updated. That is two years, whichever is, in fact, sooner. Moreover, the latter is recommending for approval by committee last week. Now it is heading to the full council for the first reading.

Strong U.S. Visitor Market

Maui is fast approaching its pre-pandemic levels of tourism. Unlike other counties in Hawaii and therefore due to a strong U.S. visitor market. It has hit a record high of 3 million in 2019. Next month, Maui is anticipating to have about 64,000 more air seats than it did in July 2019.

New Proposal

On Wednesday, it was introducing by Council Vice Chairwoman Keani-Rawlins-Fernandez. This occurred at the Maui County Council’s Climate Action, Resilience and Environment Committee. The new proposal would maintain the number of current tourist accommodation units. That is until the council does pass legislation that implements recommendations presented by the council-established Tourism Management Temporary Investigative Group. In two years whichever were to come sooner.

Bill: Stop the Bleeding

“Can’t talk about healing a wound if we allow a person to bleed. Especially if someone was wounding and starting to bleed out,” asked Rawlins-Fernandez. No, in fact, it would be ridiculous. Moreover, this moratorium is intended to stop the bleeding while we figure out how to heal the wound.”

Scores of Other Testifiers

At recent committee meetings, members of the public echoed scores of testifiers. The subject of placing a moratorium on visitor accommodations development was the topic.

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