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BMW XM Shows Off New Trim While Using A Bentley Engine

You are currently viewing BMW XM Shows Off New Trim While Using A Bentley Engine
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BMW XM may not be done. They are still breaking the mold of what is considered the ultimate crossover. This driving machine is really supposed to be the most amazing vehicle. However, the production version won’t go on sale until around the end of the next year. Plus BMW may offer three trims in various styles.

BMW XM Variants

There are two of those XM variants which might wear names that were never before seen in the Bavarian stable. In fact, the entry-level version would be known as the XM Red Label. It may be the mid-tier that is known as the XM Black Label. These do reign over both would then be some familiarity in a trim that is called the XM Competition.

The X represents a crossover, and it is where the iX is the brand’s main electric hauler. The XM is M’s ultimate take on an electrified version. Though we can’t find any BMW connection to Black Label. As far as we can figure out, BMW does have two connections to “Red Label.” One is a Bosch Digital Motor Electronics (DME) unit for the 3 Series. It is affixed with either a white, silver or red label.

Bentley Connection

It was seen as in the last millennium, it was then feared the 6.75-liter engine that did serve Rolls-Royce and Bentley for decades it wouldn’t pass Euro emissions in 2001. Then engineers did begin designing Bentleys to accept BMW engines. Also, the 1998 Arnage was powered by a twin-turbo version of Munich’s 4.4-liter V8 during the disturbance which would parcel off the English brands for new German owners. That is when Volkswagen did get Bentley when VW did develop the 6.75-liter to pass emissions. Then it was sold with two versions of the Arnage. There is a Red Label signifying the sporty trim with the Bentley engine. It has a Green Label with a BMW engine.

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