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Buick May Be Able To Beat The Kia EV9

You are currently viewing Buick May Be Able To Beat The Kia EV9
Buick is teasing a new electric vehicle.
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General Motors is the parent company of Buick. And Kia? The competition. That said, Kia has their EV9 that is so constantly lauded for it’s creation. And yet, the three-shields company won’t take this absolute annihilation in the electric vehicle space lying down. Rather, they’re pretty certain about themselves.

So that said, GM and Buick are working together to come through with a competing EV SUV that will likely give the Kia EV9 a drive for it’s money.

It’s definitely surprising, given that no one would really think of either Buick or Kia as the go-to to create rugged SUVs. Kia showed off their first EV9 in March and already it’s got an otherworldly spot in the real of electric vehicles. Already, there’s been beyond 13,000 pre-orders in the beginning eight days on the market.

Beyond that, there have bene about 50% of orders sent in from the newest owners of the EV9.

All at the same time, there’s been less than one month that occurred after the deliveries had started. Kia was able to sell off a hefty amount. Do you want to guess how much that was? Around 1334 units back in june. Kia had also been able to sell off 1251 in July. All of this to say that the EV6 electric crossover had been well outdone as the huger SUVs stayed relevant.

All on the 800V E-GMP Hyundai platform, along with fourth-generation battery technology, there’s a belief that Kia will have the EV9—with Light Long Range in All Wheel Drive—with around 300 miles in range while the fast charge acts quickly in only 24 minutes.

But Buick? They’re out for blood.

Already, you can tell that Buick is going to show off their own all-electric car, with several EV models in China. Even there, General Motors launched the E4 electric SUV as the mid-level luxury brand. Meanwhile, their second Ultium-based EV came out after the bigger E5.

At the time of writing, Buick has filed for Electra “E” Model trademarks, labeled one through nine. In addition, Buick has unleased the Velite 6, which itself can start off at about $15,500.

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