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Crate Shipping

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crate shipping

Hawaii Auto Transportation does its best to provide the most convenient service for each kind of vehicle. When it comes to shipping a motorcycle from one location to another, there is one method that best protects your bike. Hawaii Auto Transportation knows the specifications of Crate Shipping. Motorcycles are delicate machines and therefore require custom-engineered crates based on the product requirements:

  • AutoCAD Designed Crates
  • Mass Produced Crates
  • Re-usable Knockdown Crates
  • MIL-Spec Crates
  • Tradeshow/Traveling Exhibit Crates

What are the advantages of Crate Shipping?

The crate is reinforced to protect your cargo, mostly motorcycles. We at Hawaii Auto Transportation take pride in offering Crate Shipping for your motorcycle, the best method for shipping fragile vehicles. It is the safest type of overseas motorcycle transport. Spring clamps hold the sides and top to the base, making assembly easy. Also, internal tie-down points are perfect for securing a heavy item to the base. Additionally, to open the crate, you need just a basic flathead screwdriver to use as a pry bar.

Here is why crate shipping is recommended for motorcycles. It is:

  • Fast and Easy to Assemble
  • Extra protective of cargo
  • Built-in Tie-down Brackets

Crate Shipping with Hawaii Auto Transportation

As an industry leader, Hawaii Auto Transportation knows how to handle any kind of vehicle and motorcycle transport is no exception. As a result, we offer the best services for any type of vehicle. We do nationwide shipping, as well, which means we can transport your vehicle to and from any other state. Therefore, you just need to choose the location and trust us with your vehicle to transport overseas.

Looking to ship to Alaska? Hawaii Auto Transportation can arrange Alaska car shipping for you as well.

Hawaii Auto Transportation Services

Shipping a car overseas is not an easy thing, but years of experience make the process simple for us. Our services are designed to fulfill the needs of any customer. We also offer a variety of other services such as container shipping and RORO service. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Call us at (808)-518-6000or get a quote online. Easy, right? Hawaii Auto Transportation is always ready to serve you with the best services.