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Customer Reviews

customer reviews

Customer Reviews are very important for every company. In order to determine if a business has a good track record, potential customers seek reviews to help make their choice. It’s a good way for them to discover if the quality and service meet their needs. When we choose among businesses or services we always look for customer reviews to see how a certain company dealt with past customers. At Hawaii Auto Transportation, we are always happy to get feedback from our clients. The majority of our clients take some time and write a review about our company and services. We appreciate that!

As an industry leader, Hawaii Auto Transportation keeps a high level of quality among its services. We fostered professionalism and customer service by following our reviews. Every review speaks to the company, and that is why it is important for us to present you with some of the reviews we have received since we’ve started providing car shipping services across the United States.

Nikola E.

This company made my car shipment so simple for me! I received a call back right away and got a quote very easily. Set everything up a few weeks in advance and everything went super smooth! Thanks, Hawaii Auto Transportation.

Eugenia W.

Auto Transport really came in clutch with my car shipment. I placed a last minute shipment order with them since it was urgent, they gave me the expedited transportation option. Since I had no other choice I chose that and my car arrived right on time!

James L.

Hawaii Auto Transportation delivered my family’s car to Hawaii in great condition. We went on a trip and wanted to have our car with us out in there so we contacted this auto shipping company. The price seemed good and we agreed on the day and time as well so we would get it the day we arrived there. Everything worked out and our trip was a success thanks to these guys!

Regina S.

Decided to try this auto shipping company for the first time and it definitely won’t be the last time! I had to move my car out to California and everything went so smoothly! My car arrived on time and in good condition. Thank you, Hawaii Auto Transportation!

Annet T.

Thank you to guys for getting my car transported to Texas and back! I choose to move my car with them and liked their services so much that I chose to ship it back with them again! Will definitely continue to contact them in the future as well!

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