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Diesel Prices Jump to Pre-Pandemic Prices! Pump the Brakes On The Gas

You are currently viewing Diesel Prices Jump to Pre-Pandemic Prices! Pump the Brakes On The Gas
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Throughout the past ten weeks, diesel fuel has been starting to take flight. It’s not really great news for truckers but whatever. At least life is becoming semi-normal for semis. It’s just concerning because they haven’t been nearly as high since March 16th of last year. Do you remember that week? That was when life was still normal. That was when St. Patrick’s seemed like it’d be a superb celebration. And, that was also when gas was expectedly high. But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us so hard, the price went down to staggering new depths. The all-time low of 2020 was about $2.37. That was back in November. But it’s been rising bit by bit for diesel. In this current timescape, the gas is priced at about $2.67. The Department of Energy themselves have even noticed this. How so? Well, in a monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook report released on January 12th, the DOE says prices were originally at an average of $2.55 per gallon. That, in itself, is already down from 2019. (In the latter year’s case, there was a drop down to about 50 cents per gallon. 2020’s declining average properly reflects a dip in crude oil prices, brought by the pandemic.

So what’s the deal with Diesel?

The fuel is ever so distinguished in it’s non-gaseous liquid form as an entity to trick anyone who dare try to capture it. Like lightning in a bottle. Are you the type that’ll truck so far for something so little? Diesel may be here now but you’ve read the news! Electric Vehicles are starting to populate the nation. Especially in the form of trucks. This’ll be interesting news for all to notice as companies like Nikola and Tesla try to enter the semi-truck game with their ideas for bigger, better and badder electric vehicles. Be wary.

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