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Fisker Reported To Drop Prices On The Ocean SUV

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The Fisker Ocean electric SUV lineup for 2023 is now offering much lower prices, dropping by a significant amount compared to before. These reductions range from $14,000 to $24,000, depending on which version of the vehicle you’re looking at.

There are three versions of the Fisker Ocean: the Sport, the Ultra, and the Extreme. The most expensive one, the Extreme, used to start at $63,937, but now it’s down to $39,937. The Sport, which is the most basic model, now starts at $27,437, down from $41,437. The mid-range Ultra’s price has also been slashed, dropping from $55,437 to $37,437. These new prices include a fee for destination, which amounts to $2,438.

Fisker, a company based in California, is facing financial difficulties and is trying to avoid going bankrupt. To deal with this, they’re making these big price cuts on their Ocean lineup. They hope that by making the vehicles more affordable, they’ll attract more customers and keep their business going.

These reduced prices will be available starting March 29, and they apply to 2023 models that have the company’s new 2024 Ocean OS 2.0 software installed. Fisker wants to make their electric SUV a better choice for people who are considering buying an electric vehicle.

The reason behind these drastic price cuts is clear: Fisker is in trouble financially.

In February, they had a meeting where they talked about their earnings, and it didn’t look good. They had to lay off a lot of people because of this. Then, starting on March 18, they stopped making cars for six weeks so they could figure out what to do about their money problems.

Even though Fisker has managed to get some more money from investors, including one they already had and a new one, it’s not enough. They were also talking to a big car company about working together, but those discussions fell apart. To make matters worse, Fisker’s stock is no longer being traded on the New York Stock Exchange because of their financial problems.

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