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Ford Recalls 112,965 F-150s Over Risky Rear Axles

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Ford has to make it it’s duty to take back all of the faulty, and ill-performing F-150s. Specifically, from the model years of 2019 to 2021. All because of the ill-designed rear axles, which themselves could be used to reduce the risk of an accident.

The quantity of F-150s this is affecting is well within the range of about 112,965 units. So nearly 113K of these pickups will have to get picked up by Ford and serviced to for repairs, lest the car owners get into a heap of trouble. And no one needs that when it’s only a simple matter of paying attention.

Ford had mentioned how the trucks had gone through the experience of rotten axle-hub splines, which, if not carefully approached, can potentially roll if the parking brake is not carefully applied.

Owners from the F-150 dissertation, will likely take their trucks over to a Ford dealer for proper repair as they may see varied symptoms like a clicking or a rattling noise.

F-150s that are affected are likely to be easy tells, given that they come with a Trailer Tow max Duty package and even a heavy-duty rear axle that comes with a hub bolt, potentially likely to break or rupture. Therefore, it might just affect the truck by causing it to roll away, even while parked.

Ford is going to fix the issue themselves by mailing out notification letters that will arrive sometime after January 29th.

When you contact Ford at 1-866-436-7332, you can report the recall number at 23S65. If need be, the owners can even contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration via the website or on the safety hotline.

It’s important to tackle these problems head-on and right away so that the likelihood of getting your F-150 into an accident is heavily reduced minimal by comparison of not being acutely aware.

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