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GM: Electric Car Super Star

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GM has announced that it is currently developing up to 10 new fully electric vehicles in order to compete with the EV market. With an umbrella of multiple companies, GM has decided to compete heavily and become a herald of the US EV market.

The Beginnings: The GM EV-1

GM has been developing electric cars since the ’90s. Believe it or not, the company that boasts some pretty heavy gas-guzzlers have also worked tremendously to develop effective EV technology. Back in the day (we mean the 90s) the company released the world’s first-ever fully electric vehicle. The EV-1 showcases the abilities of electric technology. A limited run was sent out to prospective buyers. This acted as more of a test for the electric market.

With a 60 mile range per charge, the vehicle sold to interested buyers as a “city commuter”. The buyer could then charge the car from home (overnight) and have the ability to get to where they needed to go within the city the next day. Although the plan was a success, the cars were gathered (despite people wanting to outright buy them) and destroyed. The few that remain are on display in museums.

The Hummer EV

With the first generation of electric vehicles underway, GM has decided to throw their hand in the mix. With having one of the first-ever electric cars to hit the market, the company decided that they wanted to remain a staple in electric cars. Their first announcement took the US by surprise. The HUMMER EV is the future heavyweight truck in the EV market. With a 1,000 horsepower fully electric pickup, it has dominated the works of the truck industry.

The only competitors in this field are the Tesla Cybertruck. The Cybertruck has proven its capabilities time and time again and was the first to show this off. Unfortunately, Tesla decided to go a little TOO ahead of the game with the design of the vehicle which has thrown many off the wagon. Good thing GM had their sights set on maintaining the image of what a normal vehicle looks like. The HUMMER EV has a much more tightened design than its predecessors. While keeping the basic iconic look and putting into a pickup truck, the HUMMER EV has given truck buyers a much more appealing option for making the switch.

Future Releases

The future looks bright for the car company. With so many companies under the GM umbrella such as Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC, the opportunities to launch multiple cars at the same time have GM ranking pretty high on our list of anticipation.

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