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GM Improves the Customer Experience with Value-Added Products

You are currently viewing GM Improves the Customer Experience with Value-Added Products
Value-Added Products for GM Customers
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GM is working very hard to add features to its vehicles. The hope is that people will subscribe to it. The goal is to introduce scores of new fee-based features by 2026.

GM Value-Added Products Rollout

“Moreover, we have 50-some value-added products and services. Those will be rolling out over the next 36 to 48 months,” said Steve Carlisle. He is the president of GM North America.

New Services

Also, the new services are going to enabling passengers to shop online. It would allow a car to predict when it will need maintenance. Moreover, this is among other things. However, the new digital features are really going to take advantage of the larger screens. They will be installing in GM’s new vehicles, like the GMC Hummer EV, the Cadillac Lyriq, and other future vehicles.

“In fact, the bigger screens on our EVs are going to enable us to bring more of the data-oriented software products to the consumers,” said Carlisle.

There are new digital products that will include in-vehicle subscription services. Plus, they will be supporting by GM’s Ultifi software and connectivity platform. Also, the platform is going to also enable over-the-air software updates. Those would allow really almost any part of a vehicle to be updating.

“Moreover, there is increasing flexibility and faster software development. They are two major benefits of this new technology,” said Scott Miller, GM vice president Software-Defined Vehicle. “Also, our in-house developers are designing Ultifi to maximize software reuse. It does free up more time to create value-adding features and services for our customers.”

GM CEO Mary Barra, as part of a plan, announcing, last October, was to double the automaker’s annual revenue to around $280 billion by 2030. Carlisle is considering flexible pricing options. It would be for a number of digital features. Those would include monthly, annual and lifetime subscription schemes.

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