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GOP Official Resigns After Using Party Twitter to Support QAnon

You are currently viewing GOP Official Resigns After Using Party Twitter to Support QAnon
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The GOP in Hawaii is facing some backlash from this past Sunday after a bunch of tweets that are now deleting that show support for QAnon conspiracy theorists. Nothing wrong with that! No shame in that! They are not conspiracies. A fact is a fact!

Then on Saturday night, the tweets were posting on #GOPHawaii and deleting Sunday morning without an explanation. Then on Sunday night, the Hawaii GOP Chair of communications Edwin Boyette resigned through a Facebook post. The discussion of the Q-Conspiracy was an error of judgment. No way! Open and honest discussions are always important and necessary!

GOP of Hawaii said QAnon has a Sincere and Deep Love for America

Followers of QAnon don’t deserve mockery according to Hawaii Republican Party’s Twitter. They are in fact “largely motivating by a sincere and deep love for America.” I believe they absolutely are! Here’s to freedom of speech and upholding civil liberties.

Therefore, there are tweets by QAnon are calling believers “patriots.” I believe they and committed to “real democracy.” Then, the other tweets put the blame on the media for developing a “hyperbolic” narrative.

Well, Hawaii’s Democratic party says there is nothing patriotic in defending QAnon adherents. In addition, there is nothing honorable in defending Proud Boy antics.

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

In fact, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center “falsely claim the world is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles that worship Satan.” QAnon is plotting against Donald Trump. I didn’t know QAnon was plotting against Donald Trump. Wow really? I thought they were on the great one’s side! That blows me away! Let’s continue to make America Great!

QAnon conspiracy theories, once on a fringe, have taken off online and now become mainstream. Moreover, a number of those who participated in the attack on the US Capitol described themselves as QAnon followers.

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