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Hawaii Heat Wave Shattering Records

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HONOLULU, HI – Tropically perfect Hawaii is experiencing a devastating heat wave this June. In fact, throughout the month so far, it’s set all kinds of heat related records. And overly hot conditions are not what people have come to expect with Hawaii.

On Wednesday, several news organizations reported that Hawaii temperatures matched previous heat index records. Furthermore, in many places in Hawaii the scorching temps far exceeded existing records.

And today, National Weather Service forecasters are predicting temperatures in Honolulu will hit the 90 degrees (32 degrees Celsius) Fahrenheit mark. These temps are certainly becoming commonplace and are astonishing the people of Honolulu who’ve come to count on more temperate conditions.

On Tuesday, the local weather service recorded a temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33 Celsius) in Honolulu. This busted the previous record of 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the same date. That record was achieved back in 1995.

Heat Wave Extends to All of Maui

Honolulu is not alone though. Maui also scored record high temperatures during the course of the week. Temps hovered near the low 90s’ throughout.

Local officials indicted that since May 16, Maui has experienced a total of 18 record-setting or record-tying days of heat. This includes a 96 degree Fahrenheit day (36 Celsius) that occurred on May 26. The temperature was recorded at the Kahului Airport.

Officials also note that 27 records were established or matched in the month of May in Honolulu, Kahului, Hilo, and Lihue. Unfortunately, this trend appears to be going nowhere based on the current data. All of Hawaii is going to have to continue dealing with this heat for the time being. After all, it isn’t like climate change is going anywhere. And heat waves like this one are only going to become more commonplace. Brace yourselves for the heat, Hawaiians!

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