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Arbys offering $6 Vacations to Hawaii with a Catch

You are currently viewing Arbys offering $6 Vacations to Hawaii with a Catch
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HONOLULU, HAWAII – Just last week Arby’s announced a new addition to its sandwich lineup, the King’s Hawaiian. Each sandwich on the company’s menu will feature King’s Hawaiian buns. These rolls have grown in popularity in recent years, even becoming a sort of low key favorite.

As a way to promote the partnership with the beloved buns, Arbys has launched a promotion which will send a few fans all the way to Hawaii to sample the new sandwiches. It’ll only cost them six dollars and today is the last day to win.

Without a doubt, $6 is a good deal for a trip to Hawaii. But there’s a slight catch. Winners only get to spend six hours in Honolulu, Hawaii. Plus, they’ll be no touring the island, no surfing, no hulu dancing, you’re brief trip will consist of eating sandwiches.

The last round of $6 tickets will stop selling at 12 p.m. ET today, April 15. It should be noted that the tickets are available on a first come, first serve system but only five tickets are available in each time designation.

Winners will be flown to Los Angeles in economy seating. Here they’ll stay overnight then get on a flight bound for Honolulu. On this flight, the lucky group will either get a business class or first class seat.

In Hawaii

After the plane lands in Hawaii, the schedule of the promotion becomes a bit murkier. According to the terms and conditions of the promotion, winners will have the chance to be a part of a marketing shoot for the two companies. However, details on this are scarce. Though the terms and conditions do ask that winners sign a release to let their likeness appear in marketing items.

Moreover, winners do get a $150 gift card and a $500 check to mitigate any tax liability for the trip. The overall value of the promotion, including roundtrip tickets, is $2700. All you have to figure out is if a 6 hour vacation to Hawaii is worth the six dollars it would cost to buy the sandwich.

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