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Hawaiian Airlines Banning Anti-maskers

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Hawaiian Airlines, like many other US airlines, are banning passengers that happen to be anti-maskers.

After enforcing the mask requirement, the Hawaiian Airline had to prohibit six people from flying with them. Isn’t that sad?

It is quite understandable that masks are annoying. Especially if it’s a span of hours. It doesn’t seem like “vacation mode” with a mask, huh?

HOWEVER, if a business requires you to wear a mask, just wear your mask.

Looking at other airlines, they had to follow the same protocol to ensure their passengers safety.

Delta Airlines have a no-fly list of 270 people. Isn’t that sad? Now those people are going to turn to other carriers. Isn’t that just more work than just complying?

Alaska Airlines had to ban 75 people. Most of the time, the majority of their passengers have been adhering the “no mask, no travel” policy. Can you imagine that?

After all, the airline companies are doing this to prevent the spread of the infamous COVID-19. This is supposed to benefit passengers.

Even though Hawaiian Airlines only had to ban a few people compared to the other airlines, it is a nuisance for those doing their job.

A Hawaiian Air spokesman said:

“We’re fortunate and appreciate that most of our guests understand their role to keep all of us safe by wearing a mask or face covering when traveling,” a Hawaiian Air spokesman said.

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