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Helicopter Crash in Hawaii Left Three People Injured

You are currently viewing Helicopter Crash in  Hawaii Left Three People Injured
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Kaneohe, Hawaii – A pilot and two passengers were found injured after a helicopter crash on Monday. Rescuers responded to a helicopter crash, happened in Hawaii sandbar.

Capt. Scot Seguirant, Honolulu Fire Department spokesman says the helicopter ended up on its side on the Kaneohe Bay sandbar. There were three people in the helicopter.

According to Seguirant, kayakers and fishermen on a boat helped rescue the three people from the helicopter.

The tour company that owns the helicopter told Hawaii news that the pilot has suffered a medical emergency during the flight.

The Helicopter R44 had a crash for unknown circumstances, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The investigation of the helicopter crash in Hawaii is still underway. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are in charge of the investigation.

NTSB spokesman Terry Williams says investigators hope to talk to the Helicopter R44 pilot for more information about the crash happened on Monday, Kaneohe Bay sandbar, and left three people injured.

Talking to the pilot will help the investigators find out what caused the crash of the helicopter.





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