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Hurricanes and COVID-19: Hawaii Prepares

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Hawaii braces for hurricanes as COVID-19 has hit the islands hard. From closed businesses to a heavily disrupted economy, the islands have undergone some of the worst economic impacts in America.

The islands of Hawaii are bracing for the upcoming hurricane season. With the fight against COVID-19 mixed with the potential impact of storms, the islands are fighting a 2-front battle.

Economic Recession Due To COVID-19

The small island chain located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is subject to high taxes and shipping costs. For many small businesses throughout the island chain, they have been forced to cease operations and close indefinitely.

This has put a major strain on all islanders. On top of that, the travel industry has taken one of the largest hits. With limited to no travel in or out of Hawaii, many locals are feeling the sharp sting of the virus.

Hurricanes Threaten Reopening

Just has the US has declared that states can reopen, the islands brace for a second impact: Hurricanes. The season lasts from June 1st through November.

Although reports have deduced that this season might be lower than usual, islanders know that it only takes one major storm to threaten the well-being of the islands fragile economy.

The state has already taken a massive blow to their economy as COVID-19 continues to spread. As they have finally gotten word for soft-reopening, the potential for deadly storms adds another level of threat.

Many islanders are bracing their shops by boarding up windows and preparing for the worst. As the state fights a battle on two-sides, many residents are wondering when the issues with the current global crisis will end.

For now, whatever business is operating will resume, but that might change once the season picks up and storms become more frequent. It only takes one to devastate the economy, so many elected officials are keeping an eye on current weather patterns.

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