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Hyundai And Their 2022 Santa Cruz Pickup Baits You With $25,000

You are currently viewing Hyundai And Their 2022 Santa Cruz Pickup Baits You With $25,000
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Hyundai knows how to get you tho care about their models. Especially their Santa Cruz compact pickup. This vehicle, based on the SE model, is certainly a good-looker. In which case, it’s going for $25,175. Which may very well be in steep competition with the Ford Maverick. That vehicle in itself is going for $21,490. The Santa Cruz seems to be less cheap-looking though. This is thanks to Hyundai being somewhat amazing with the 18-inch wheels. There’s also driver-assistance features that are worth envying. The vehicle has an engine that comes equipped with a 2.5-liter inline-four. This is ably equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The All-wheel-drive happens to be a selective $1,500 option that comes through for all the models geared up with the 2.5L engine.

Meanwhile the SEL comes in hot at a pricetag of about $28,375. It’s worth noting that there’s an Activity package available for an additional $3,270. This comes in with FWD and AWD as well. Hyundai is geared to specify what’s inclusive with that option. The turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-four engine is becoming available at a pricetag of $36,856 SEL Premium model. That of which is standard with the all-wheel drive. When you look at the loaded Santa Cruz Limited, it has a way more powerful turbo engine, while also being joined by an all-wheel drive. That in itself comes in at $40,455.

Hyundai has an online configurator that you should really enjoy.

It’s full of features that can list FWD SEL Premium choices. There are also FWD Limited versions, but the company themselves aren’t really looking into seeing the pricing for such models. Additionally, the Santa Cruz pickups are coming in soon to Hyundai dealerships. This is thanks to the vehicle starting production at the plant. Hyundai is certainly doing everything they can to stand out from the competition.

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