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Infiniti QX60 Answers the Call for Relevance in a Redefined World

You are currently viewing Infiniti QX60 Answers the Call for Relevance in a Redefined World
Infiniti has Strong Assets
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Infiniti QX60 is completely redesigned and the new large luxury SUV is now worth considering. Moreover, it is far more stylish on the outside. Thus it is combined with a more luxurious interior with the great standard technology. In fact, it does drive much better in part thanks to a new transmission plus sharper suspension tuning. Therefore, it all adds up to a rear competitor.

Moreover, he said it is a class leader. However, it is well-matched to similarly priced options from Acura, Lincoln, Cadillac, Volvo, Jeep, and Hyundai as well. Moreover, in fact, with the base price of just over $47,000, it is cheaper than many of the luxury-branded alternatives. Plus it is very competitive with the high-end options of the mainstream brands.

Powertrain Options

There is a lack of powertrain options which is one weakness. However, many vehicles in this segment do have at least a couple of engines to choose from. It would include hybrid options. In fact,

Its one real weakness is a lack of powertrain options. Many vehicles in this segment have at least a couple engines to choose from, including hybrid options. Infiniti offers only a single V6 option. However, there is an affordable price point, plus a spacious and well-appointed interior. It also has good driving dynamics nevertheless making it a luxury SUV you should check out.

QX60 Interior and In-Car Technology

However, there are some big improvements to the QX60 which are inside. Moreover, the dash does have a low and wide lower plane that does feel modern and airy. In addition, the air vents are hidden in one wide opening in this particular zone. Plus there are various surfaces that feature stitched upholstery. In addition, base models feature gloss black trim. There are super trims that will get aluminum or natural finish wood trim.

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