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Lexus Reveals New Concept Electric Vehicle: Said To Electrify The Lineup

You are currently viewing Lexus Reveals New Concept Electric Vehicle: Said To Electrify The Lineup
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Lexus has been doing their due diligence to uncover 20 new or redesigned vehicles regally by 2025. This is to say, half of the executives can anticipate all-electric or electrified hybrid models.

To symbolize their future vehicles, Lexus is unveiling a new concept car. They call it the LF-Z Electrified.

The all-electric vehicle features many signature design elements such as a check-mark headlight. Not to mention a spindle grill with new, more modern interpretations. The interior itself features a minimalist design aside from driver-centric screens. Plenty of automakers moved to such designs. By doing so, they’ve been copying elements of EV competitor Tesla.

Lexus has no performance expectations. They’re not even pretending to care about range, horsepower or torque! Whenever and however 2025 happens, Lexus wants EVs to be capable of 370 miles. Which it can push for 0-60 mph in three seconds. Concept vehicles are being spotted to gauge customer interest or show the future direction of a vehicle or brand.

Furthermore, Lexus is slower than other brands. It’s necessary to show all-electric vehicles after parent company-led automakers try to develop hybrid vehicles. In a way, it’s going to kick out the Toyota Prius.

Finally. that could change in the coming years. Lexus aims to offer electrified variants of all its models by 2025, with the sales ratio of electric vehicles exceeding that of gasoline-engine vehicles.

Because of this, “Electrified” can mean an all-electric vehicle or hybrids or plug-in hybrids that combine electrification with internal combustion engines. Toyota executives declined to comment on the number of each of the models or how many vehicles are slated for the U.S.

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