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“Limit Gatherings but Don’t Curb Tourists,” Experts on Tourism say

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Limit gatherings and travel is the message for the residents within the regions of the tourism sector, according to Governor David Ige. This would be for only essential business activities only through at least the end of October. Moreover, the mayor Rick Blangiardi said he also suspended larger others for four weeks that just begin.

The good news was the Summer surge in visitors was really revving up Hawaii’s tourism industry rebound. However, that was a short-lived development. Therefore, the slowing has occurred to a fall seasonality and the creeping uncertainty about the safety of travel as COVID-19 cases have surged across the U.S. Now, there are new speed bumps possibly going to put the brakes on the recovery.

Limit Gatherings: Sounding the Alarm

“Unfortunately, it is a risky time to travel at this time. We do know that it is not a good time to travel to the islands of Hawaii,” Ige said.

There is a plan to discourage travel by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and its marketing contractor, which are the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.

“Our community, residents, and the visitor industry are responsible for working together to deal with this crisis, said John De Fries. He is the president and CEO of HTA. Then, we are strongly going to advise visitors that now is not the right time to travel. Moreover, they should postpone their trips. It should be through the end of October.

Spreading a Message of Caution and Creating Hesitation

There is a message being shared by the organization with the total industry. HVCB Chief Marketing Officer Jay Talwar said he does not have “any sales-oriented massaging that asks people to visit Hawaii in the market.”

Limit Large Gatherings

Limiting large gatherings is what other members of Hawaii’s visitor industry say they are in support of. This Blangiardi’s decision to, in fact, limit large gatherings. It is at Ige’s request. This was not backed by an order.

Contradictory Messages: State Rules are Different

Ige’s request is coming off as confusing since the state rules do allow for travel to Hawaii. This is according to Jake Richards. He is the president and CEO of Pleasant Holidays.

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