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Love Island TV Program Contestants Test Positive for the Virus

You are currently viewing Love Island TV Program Contestants Test Positive for the Virus
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“Love Island U.S.A.” has reported among members of its production team with five positive cases of COVID-19 on the main island where the CBS reality TV show is filming nearby. This is according to state Film Commissioner Donne Dawson.

Love Island U.S.A. Case Report

On Sunday, Dawson confirmed the case report after the news had been posted Saturday on social media.

It seemed the state Department of Health in Hawaii has been notified. There has been contacting tracing as well done for all cases. In fact, those in close contact are in quarantine. Moreover, the testing of those cases will continue.

Love Island U.S.A.: COVID Guidelines for Production

“In fact, Love Island Season 3’ has gone beyond both the CDC and union ‘return to work’ COVID guidelines for the production,” the show’s production company ITV Entertainment said.

Moreover, the precautions do include “high-frequency testing (2-3 times per week). There is PPE for everyone not on camera. As well as contact tracing and quarantine protocols,” the statement said. The production has been in regular contact with state and local officials this is per their respective health guidelines.

“Our number one priority is the health and safety of our cast and crew,” ITV Entertainment said.

Film Industry is the Safest Industry

Because of pandemic procedures, the film industry “is probably the safest of any industry right now,” Dawson said. He paid special note that since the industry has reopened in Hawaii under stringent health procedures late last Summer, the state has “gone for months and months with zero to one or two isolated positive cases. This is for anyone of the productions statewide. Moreover, productions are kept isolated from the community.

Corona Virus Infections

The state Department of Health, meantime, has reported 643 new confirmed and possible Corona Virus infections as of Sunday. It brings the state’s total since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to 46,503 cases.

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