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Maui COVID-19 Reports Stem From Large Beach Parties

You are currently viewing Maui COVID-19 Reports Stem From Large Beach Parties
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Maui, HI – New reports of COVID-19 cases are surging on the island of Maui. While the islands continue to enforce stay-at-home policies, residents are fed up with it.

Reports of large-scale parties across the islands are prompting many police and local authorities to take action.

A surge on the island of Maui has prompted large concern due to the islands populace. For many residents, being stuck inside for the past few months is taking its toll.

The increase in COVID-19 reports on Maui is coming from large-scale parties. While many are not adhering to safety procedures, the virus is spreading at a correlating speed.

“These individuals and groups that have been blatant as they’re being abusive to what we call respect to this community,” said Maui Mayor Mike Victorino.

At this stage in the pandemic, the problem is not a lack of education, but a blatant disregard to others and their surroundings.

Maui Residents Know Exactly Why Its Happening

Public health is one of the largest concerns for the island state. The island is surrounded on all sides by the Pacific Ocean. It is also thousands of miles away from the mainland, Hawaii is doing what it can to continue safe practices.

“You can tell on social media that there is a line in the sand and there are people who don’t believe that this a problem. Therefore, they continue to get together in social gatherings and highly risking the community to exposure to this virus,” says resident Theresa Kapaku. “Please help us get back to zero as quickly as possible. So we can reopen the economy and get back to a normal life.”

Residents of the island are speaking out in regards to local areas. While some avoid these places out of risk, others found these areas to be exactly what they expected.

“Its just another day where we stay away from these certain areas,” says local Jerry Klinenburg. “We knew where it was coming from the moment the reports started coming in.”

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