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Mercedes-Benz Surges Forward with Brand-New Electric Vehicle

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Mercedes-Benz has a new electric luxury four-door, the EQS450+. The EQS is a glimpse of luxury and quietness that does pour itself down the road with seamless grace. The slick body of the Mercedes-Benz does whip through the air. In fact, it barely does disturb it. Moreover, it does lead to near silence at extra-legal highway speeds.

Mercedes-Benz Battery

The 107.8-kWh battery is sandwiched in between the floor that also is helping keep the road noise to a minimum. This big battery also allows the EQS450+ to go roughly 350 miles between charges. Plus, find a Level 3 DC hookup. The EQS can go from 10 percent charge to 80 percent in 31 minutes. Then, on a typical Level 2 setup, the EQS can take just over about 11 hours to go from 10 percent to 100 percent.

With moving the electrons around in the battery is a single motor that driving the rear wheels that makes 329 horsepower and 419 pound-feet of torque. Though it’s not nearly as quick as the 516-hp EQS580, moreover, it will push you into the massaging seats. Therefore, the first thrust is a stop from the acceleration does taper off. However, the 60 mph is yours in a claimed 5.9 seconds. The right-now torque does in more relaxed driving

 After the initial thrust from a stop the acceleration tapers off, but 60 mph is what is yours in a claiming 5.9 seconds. Though what is really more relaxed driving. The right-now torque does, in fact, afford the EQS the same sort of easy waft ability that Rolls-Royce has giving high praise to for decades.

Though, what really reminds one of the Spirit of Ecstasy which offers the seamlessness and silence of the suspension. Especially as it glides over the tarmac. There is not much of the outside that does penetrate the EQS cocoon. In fact, the long 126.4-inch wheelbase does help deal with bumps, yet it’s got the tuning of the standard air-spring suspension.

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