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MMJ Vape Cartridges Deemed Not Safe

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MMJ cartridges across the island chain are turning out to be unsafe by state officials.

Through the islands multiple reports from MMJ card holders have confirmed that cartridges purchased in the state have not met the safety requirements to consume.

While other states have extensively set standards for what is a proper medical marijuana cartridge, Hawaii has not yet caught up.

In states requiring MMJ to have printed information, or a source that provides a link to the testing of each cartridge, Hawaii cartridges have been shown to inhibit alcohol and other harmful chemicals.

MMJ THC Requires Extensive Extraction Methods

In order for a THC cartridge to be made, the separation of the THC crystals from the plant is called extraction. Typically, the process requires a form of solvent, once the solvent has been added to the plant, the crystals then fall off. Then, the mixture of the solvent plus the THC is then put in a heating element. This evaporates the solvent until there is nothing left with but THC wax.

One of the most commonly used solvents is ethanol. This issue can occur if the extraction process isn’t given the necessary time to complete. Thus leaving trace amounts of solvent in the end mixture.

How To Spot A Bad Cartridge

If the mixture is extremely dark and runny then there is too much solvent remaining in the cartridge. If there is a burnt taste upon purchasing there can be a fault with the atomizer located in the cartridge itself.

It is important to report these issues with the store or retailer. In most cases, a retailer will exchange the product for a new one. Although it may seem like a bargain, cheaper cartridges are also worth speculating. The low cost can attribute to unhealthy chemicals. Also, the quality of each cartridge can lead one to make a different decision.

If the cartridge is plastic, and the atomizer is cotton, then stay away. A good cartridge will be ceramic along with a glass capsule.

Steps will be taken by local officials to ensure the safety of the product is a top priority. Until then, cardholders must keep a sharp eye on cartridges.

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