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NASCAR Shows Off Next Generation Racecar: The Specs Are As Follows.

You are currently viewing NASCAR Shows Off Next Generation Racecar: The Specs Are As Follows.
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NASCAR is showing off what appears to be the seventh-generation Cup series racecar. This is comprising of the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and the Toyota Camry. There are plenty of hardware advances among other qualities that make these cars something real cool.

Next Gen allows for manufacturers to design the bodies of racecars way more accurately to the production models that they represent on the racetrack. Who knows how this will change the very body and aerodynamics of these Next Gen vehicles. Well, NASCAR does. For startertes, there will be more symmetry and aerodynamic requirements filled out. The passenger side is able to pop out further than what the driver’s can. Allowing therefore for more side force in the body.

Furthermore, NASCAR has been changing about the front splitter so as to downforce the energy that the racecar generates while also limiting the speed that will occur with the Next Gen car. Usually, teams engineer elements to the underside in order to make for more aerodynamic movement. As for the Chassis, there will be a center cage with bolt-on rear and front substructures. This is where they can avoid letting a bad crash happen. In which the bolt-on structures can be swapped out instead of cutting them or tossing a whole tube frame. This’ll minimize operational costs.

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