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You are currently viewing NATIVE HAWAIIAN RACISM!
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FLAGSTAFF – AZ. , Native Hawaiian’s have yet to recognize their place in history. The US government cut funding for US Native Hawaiians dangerously short. Native American funding, in general, has been very low, but Hawaii gets even a smaller portion of that funding.

A funding report displayed the government’s minimal support of Native American government systems such as the support of education, health care and etc.

The event reached it’s peak in Arizona. It is only now that the US government is responding to some allegations towards Native Hawaiians.

Political will is a complicated subject when it comes to the Hawaii situation. Forced to join the United States, last century, Hawaii is already on thin ice.

Outraged by the situation, many people of the community wanted to respond. These citizens claim that all members of our nation should earn more respect.

The committee for Native Hawaiians makes a strong push for those born in the state; to receive the same benefits as federally recognized tribes.

This reverses a previous stance that previous Mayor Karen Narasaki stated.

Those of Hawaiian descent are the last remaining indigenous people in the United States who weren’t able to establish their own government.

The National Indian Education Association personally responded, and shocked, established that the government’s inability to comply is wrong.

Fortunately, it is looking up for native Hawaiians. Two Native American Representatives from New Mexico and Kansas will join Congress. Hopefully, change will come soon.

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