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New Bills Introduced For Mishandling Of Documents To Stop

You are currently viewing New Bills Introduced For Mishandling Of Documents To Stop
New Bills Are Saving Old Secrets From Being Linked.
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Senators are scrambling to make sure that new documents are not being mishandled. Specifically so that Presidents and Vice Presidents alike can stop misusing the information so gently trusted with them by bringing it home. To be honest, as important as being the President of the United States of America can be, I don’t think you really need to take the work home. Firstly, you live in the White House as the President. So why couldn’t you just sleep in the oval office? Also, it’s likely way too stressful to keep a track of if you’re zipping back and forth between Mar-A-Lago or NYC like the last guy would be accustomed to doing, back when he was in office. Truly, it is a bogus idea of anyone’s to take work home. Hence the new bills.

Implementing the checks and balances on the leadership of our countries may very well be the exact level of professionalism that we deserve from our men up top. The measures come not long after the officials have made it known that the classified documents President-slash-former-Vice-President Joe Biden, Former Vice President Mike Pence and Former President and consistent scumbag Donald Trump have taken back to their personal quarters was an unacceptable move on their parts.

Oversight like this is among the many reforms that bipartisan lawmakers believe are needed to save sensitive material from being leaked way too quickly. These two bills introduced being the Sensible Classification Act of 2023 and the¬†Classification Reform Act of 2023. According to the Senators passing the new bills, there’s no need for all these documents to be both classified and accessible by the general public.

What Do These New Bills Do?

With the installation of a security review, the Classification Reform Act or C.R.A. can put a limit on any document’s length of classification. Thereby enforcing a max of twenty-five years for the documents to stay classified. The extensions can only be made by heads of the agencies or even the President. But no one else. A tax on the documents would be placed in correlation to the agencies being prompted to lessen the number of documents they create that are classified.

For the other one, the Sensible Classification Act or S.C.A. allows a stronghold to be placed on agencies. Specifically in regards to how strict they stay on people who are deemed as leakers. The bill would allow a means of direction for the federal government to follow. In order to create better tech that will be the best tool for classification and declassification. Plus, it is necessity for workers to be logical in classification, while also establishing a hierarchy of authority for overseeing classified documents.

With the known importance of keeping classified documents safe, Senators make a note of how something as small as Pentagon papers were leaking, with no thanks to the bad nature of an Air National Guardsman. As of this writing, the Pentagon launched an internal review. And if that doesn’t work, it’s probably a better idea to keep your documents password-protected.

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