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Nikola Fending Against Short-Selling, Superstitious Fraud Framers

You are currently viewing Nikola Fending Against Short-Selling, Superstitious Fraud Framers
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Nikola Corporation is under some sort of attack with their “lies and deception” while showing off their electric trucks. This would be evident in videos, for example, showing the truck going downhill, easily.

Hindenburg Research has claimed these perspectives in a September 10th report. The report? “How to Parlay an Ocean of Lies into a Partnership with the Largest Auto OEM in America.” No big deal, right?

In the aftermath of GM joining forces with Nikola to create an engineered marvel. A battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle. Hindenburg believes that through “lies and deception,” the electric truck company is not genuinely doing it’s demographic justice.

Hindenburg goes into detail that a former employee of Nikola gave a secret away about the company. “Nikola had the truck towed to the top of a hill on a remote stretch of road and simply filmed it rolling down the hill.” It was then showcased and filmed by a third party.

But, oh, does Nikola like to stab back those back stabbers or what?!

The company claimed that the three-year old video of it’s prototype was irrelevant. It’s just fuel for an imaginary fire, so they claim. “The fact is, [we have] real working hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi-trucks.”

The company has made itself a big-player since it’s founding in 2015. In order to revolutionize trucks, Nikola has looked towards hydrogen fuel-cells as it’s resource. Zero-emissions is it’s goal as it competes with old-school Freightliner and new kid Tesla.

As for the video in question, shown here…
@Bullflags1 | September 13th, 2020

However, it’s evident enough that Nikola has to explain a truck stroll downhill in the first place. Just seems a little silly, don’t you think? Your move, Nikola. In conclusion, we understand it’s irrelevant but can you blame Americans for hardly trusting themselves?

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