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our mission

As an industry leader, Hawaii Auto Transportation provides superior service to its customers. We combine high-quality services and a huge responsibility for auto transport processes. We began car shipping to/from Hawaii in 2006, and we are experienced in shipping every kind of vehicle around the nation. Our company transports vehicles across all 50 States, and moreover, we can transport your vehicle to Alaska, as well. Hawaii Auto Transportation’s mission is to satisfy our customer’s needs and requirements as fully as possible. Throughout the years, we fostered the trust and respect of our customers to handle any auto shipping need.

For over 12 years, Hawaii Auto Transportation has gained a huge reputation among people in the US. Our returning customers know how important it is to provide the highest level of quality auto transport. We contribute the best services that can be found in the car shipping market and it is a huge thing for us. Our mission was to do that from the beginning and we DID IT!

We Accomplish Our Mission By Serving You

Hawaii Auto Transportation has grown a huge reputation during these 12 years of being in business. We became experts in shipping vehicles nationwide in the US – including Hawaii and Alaska. When Hawaii Auto Transportation ships, our customers can rest assured that their vehicle is in safe hands. Also, when shipping your car with us, you:

  • will be able to track your vehicle by calling us;
  • can get photos of your vehicle before and after the shipment is done;
  • will also get the best insurance during the whole process of shipping.

Not only do we provide this peace of mind but also you will get a great price for your car shipping, not to mention the friendliest customer service. Interested? Don’t think twice and contact our live agents at (808)-518-6000. You can also reach us by getting an online FREE quote. When you request a quote, our agents are automatically calculating your shipment and contacting you back with the best deal.


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