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Overseas Shipping Presents Challenges for Car Haulers

You are currently viewing Overseas Shipping Presents Challenges for Car Haulers
Shipping cars can present unique difficulties.
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Most car transportation companies only have experience with putting cars on the backs of car carriers and driving them. Not us! At Hawaii Auto Transportation, we have extensive experience with overseas shipping. We’re used to protecting your cars as they cross the ocean blue. So how do we do it? Read on to see how we tackle the challenges that come with overseas shipping.

The equipment is different for overseas shipping

This may be quite obvious, but we use different equipment to ship a car on a ship versus on a car carrier. For one, we don’t use car carriers! Instead, your car will experience a nice day at sea as it travels to or from Hawaii. We also use climate-controlled shipping containers to protect your car from all that salty air if you choose enclosed auto transport. And for that service, we may need to make use of a crane to get your car off of the ship.

You may be surprised to learn that there are significant similarities with regard to service. For example, we still offer open and enclosed transport. We offer the same level of service for overseas shipping, just with different tools to get the job done.

Safety at sea is not the same

Safety is always important to us, and shipping at sea is no exception. When out on the water, we don’t have to worry about people trying to break into your car or road debris kicking up into your windshield. Instead, we have different safety concerns.

Firstly, we strongly recommend enclosed shipping for overseas transport. Why? Because all that salty air at sea can do a number on your pain job. The ocean air can cause significant erosion, which can be even worse if your car gets splashed. Weather is also a concern at sea, as ocean storms can also mess up your paint job and even cause damage to your vehicle. Finally, we make sure to secure your loading and unloading sites, which are the only parts of the transport process where bad actors can get involved. We’ll make sure that the site is clear of anybody besides our trustworthy agents. That way, you’ll know your vehicle is secure in our hands.

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