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Oversize Vehicle Shipping

oversize vehicle shipping

The first question with oversize vehicle shipping is always “What do I do if it doesn’t fit in the container?” Hawaii Auto Transportation has 3 main answers to your question:

  • Dismantling — First option is to dismantle the product and ship it in separate containers, which will require reassembling on the other end.
  • Flat Rack — A type of container without a roof. However, it has the front and rear parts which are going to keep your vehicle safe. This method well suits larger vehicles.
  • RORO Service This method includes driving the vehicle directly on or off the ship or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter. The special equipment is vital to the process.

Hawaii Auto Transportation provides all 3 kinds of services and, of course, has all the equipment that a vehicle might need during the shipment.

What is the Shipping Cost for Oversize Vehicle Transport?

Usually, the cost of the shipment is determined by the overall size of the vehicle. Also, the destination impacts the price. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to or leaving from Hawaii. Provide us with all the necessary information regarding your vehicle. Once we have it, we will calculate and give you the best deal. Call us at (808)-518-6000 if you want to speak with us about the costs regarding your oversize vehicle shipping.

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oversize vehicle shipping quote

Luckily, our company has a FREE quote service online for our customers. If you don’t want to wait for an available agent, you can request a FREE quote online and have our agents call you back in a timely manner. We don’t keep you waiting. We appreciate every minute you are spending to have a chat with us. Requesting a quote is easy, JUST CLICK ON <GET A QUOTE> and feel free to provide us with your information. The information provided is for quote purposes only!