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Paul Walker Car From “Fast and Furious” Sells For $550,000

You are currently viewing Paul Walker Car From “Fast and Furious” Sells For $550,000
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Rest In Peace to Paul Walker. It’s been years since the actor has died in his car accident. Because of that, the Barrett-Jackson auction has been able to sell a Toyota Supra 1994 for $550,000. The vehicle was listed in promotion for F9, the latest in the “Fast and Furious” film franchise. The vehicle was first seen when Brian O’Conner had it built up post-wreckage of his Eclipse of a green color and a 17-speed manual transmission.

Later on, O’Conner would go ahead and use the Supra to race Dom Toretto. In which case, Toretto’s Charger rolled. The Toyota Supra was usually used for plenty of interiors and exterior shots. When you listen to the Supra, you may realize that the automatic transmission sound doesn’t belong to that vehicle of a manual transmission.

Post-Fast And Furious, the Toyota Supra had become a turbocharged enough to adopt several classic body parts. Such as Dazz Motorsport wheels, TRD hood, and Lamborghini orange paint. The Factory-turbo has a 320 horsepower made with a 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE.

Of course, Paul Walker has the car shift in manual even though the film shows an automatic gearshift being heard. This type of blink and “you’ll miss it” moment isn’t very often in the film. The car is cool nonetheless. It’s worth a look if you enjoy speedy movie mobiles. It’s said to be a reminder of Paul Walker and his energetic coolness when it came to racing motorcars. This is all for the greater good of Paul Walker as surely his spirit is resting in peace with the top down.

The car itself is from 2003’s “2 Fast 2 Furious” and was too much to handle for anyone that wasn’t Paul Walker.

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