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RORO Service

What is it?

RORO abbreviates roll on/roll off. Roll on/roll off service means the cargo gets driven on and off the vessel. We transport new or used cars on a large type of RORO called a Pure Car Carrier (PCC) or Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC). RORO cargo also usually consists of items such as tractors, buses, and trucks, or oversized cargo on a special flatbed or lowboy trailer.

For this type of shipping, a vehicle MUST have wheels. This includes:

And many more!

This type of vehicle moving is convenient for any size and weight of transport including machinery or high vehicles.

Benefits of RORO Service

Fast but Safe

RORO service is fast, reliable, and safe. Moreover, you can ship other wheeled cargo to almost any destination. We ship anywhere in the United States. Let’s get into more details:

  • The easiest way to ship a vehicle overseas.
  • No need for extra work, unlike the container car shipping method.
  • One of the cheapest ways to do vehicle transport oversea.

Important information: When additional personal belongings are held in the vehicle, you should consider the container car shipping option.

Hawaii Auto Transportation will Help You do RORO Service

We are your good friend when it comes to RORO service. As an industry leader, our company is ready to take care of your RORO Service. We are here to fulfill your requirements and honor your requests. Don’t hesitate to call our office at (808)-518-6000 or you can also get a FREE quote online on our website. It is the easiest thing for you to do as our company makes everything easy and comfortable just for you.