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Saving on Hawaii Car Shipping

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Want to drive in Hawaii? Ship your car to the islands!
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Shipping a car to Hawaii can be very expensive if you don’t know how to reduce your costs. While you certainly save compared to having to buy a whole new car, shipping isn’t free. If you’re gearing up to ship a car to the islands, take a look at these expert tips on how to save. It might just make your shipment quite affordable.

Clean Out Your Car

A lot of people are tempted to ship personal items in their car as it travels across the sea. They view it as free ocean freight. However, leaving personal items in your car while it travels can have unforeseen consequences for your bottom line. Heavier vehicles cost more to ship as they reduce our efficiency. But the bigger concern is damage to your vehicle. We have extensive insurance to cover your vehicle, but it doesn’t cover damage from personal items jostling around. So, if anything you left in your car damages it, you’ll be on the hook.

Choose RORO for Hawaii Car Shipping

Many people choose to keep their car extra safe while it ships by keeping it secure in a shipping container. While there’s nothing wrong with doing this, it does cost you more. The more affordable option is RORO (roll-on/roll-off) shipping. With this service, your car will roll right onto our ship and sit peacefully as it heads across the Pacific. We guarantee that this service will still keep your vehicle in tip-top shape; you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Change Your Timing

People underestimate how much timing can affect the cost of a car shipment. The reality of it is that we only have so much space on our car carriers. As a result, if you really need to get the last spot on a ship during a peak time, it’s going to cost you. Generally, car shippers are less busy during the colder months, so if you can, wait until those times of year to ship your car. Your wallet will thank you for your patience with your car shipment.

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