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Shipping a Car from Hawaii to the East Coast

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Shipping to the East Coast requires a stop in the middle.
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One of the most common questions that our team receives from people is how we ship cars to distant locations. After all, Hawaii is pretty remote compared to the rest of the U.S. So, when someone asks us about shipping a car from Hawaii to the East Coast, what do we do? Do we just roll their car onto a boat and tell them to wait a while? Or do we have a more sophisticated plan to get their car where it needs to go quickly? Here’s what our car shipping team does for long-distance orders:

Hawaii-East Coast Shipping Starts With Planning

Shipping a car over that long a distance requires significant planning. That’s because the conditions that we’ll encounter, both in terms of weather and traffic, will vary wildly between our point of origin and destination. We’ll also have to coordinate with multiple car shipping professionals to make sure your car reaches its destination. So, the first thing we do when we get an order like this is check the weather and plan out our route.

We’ll Minimize Your Wait Time with Efficient Shipping

The most common question we get for these orders is whether we’ll ship your car on a ship the whole way or not. The truth is, even with things like the Panama Canal, it’s not efficient to ship things from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, for these kinds of orders, we’ll send your car to a west coast port on one of our ships. The usual choices are Seattle or Los Angeles/Long Beach. Then, one of our overland car transport affiliates will haul your car the rest of the way!

With these orders, you get to choose what kind of service your car will get both on our ship and on a car carrier at the other end. Both at sea and on land, we have both open and enclosed shipping options that work for anybody’s situation. When you sign on with Hawaii Auto Transportation, we want you to know that you’re getting the right service for your vehicle!

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