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Tesla Autopilot Capable Of Spotting Emergency Lights At Night Only

You are currently viewing Tesla Autopilot Capable Of Spotting Emergency Lights At Night Only
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Tesla is on autopilot mode with the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. These two in particular are going to be gifted with something incredible. The gift of sight! Well, if you are to believe it, these two Tesla models are actually going to be equipped with a detection upgrade that will be most visible at night. According to the driver’s manual, the update will allow for both “Model3/ModelY detects lights from an emergency vehicle when using Autosteer at night on a high speed road, the driving speed is automatically reduced and the touchscreen displays a message informing you of the slowdown.” The NHTSA has been insistent on an investigation for Tesla as they notice the car crashing into police cars and fire vehicles.

And chances are, Tesla will want to play nice with the officials, if they’re ever going to get the proper attention being brought to the forefront of the White House. This also makes you wonder if Elon Musk is a masochist, just looking to get a good hit out of this. Tesla has not been able to elaborate if they are requiring the effervescent rationale that the LED flickers or if it needs to stay in some sort of continuous mode. Otherwise, they could very well be indistinguishable from other taillights of various vehicle.

It’s not likely that this’ll be the last we know of semi-autonomous systems and emergency vehicles, where developers of systems are trying to address vehicle responses to all sorts of lights, including traffic lights to turn signals on all cars of different methods. This also involves V2V communication.

Tesla cars have been having a lot of issues with autonomy to begin with. So to see this as an improvement or a drawback, in any case, is almost too difficult to really tell. But honestly, autopilot shouldn’t be the worst thing to navigate.


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