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Toyota Says ‘Sayonara’ To The Camry In Japan

You are currently viewing Toyota Says ‘Sayonara’ To The Camry In Japan
The Toyota Camry is looking at the sunset of it's relevance in Japan.
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I remember, much like anyone, my first car very clearly. It’s of course an interesting thing to know that your first car is not only a common automobile in the eyes of the public, but also one vehicle that is always going to be revered by all for being dependable. And at the time, I was amazed that it got me everywhere and anywhere I needed to be. There’s something about being autonomous and the driver of your own destiny that is impossible to replace by any other gift in today’s standards. You couldn’t get rid of the excitement one feels from driving their very first car around town, unless if you were to lose that car or, God forbid, get caught in an all-totalling car accident. While it’s the latter incident that I’m not proud to admit that has occurred to me, I would say that it all happens for a reason. As we’re all designed to advance and upgrade ourselves from past versions of ourselves. Who else is to say that we can’t get nostalgic for the past memories that so delicately made us feel amazing? You can’t put a price on memories made so diligently vibrant by the likes of your first car. And that’s why this is tough for me to write, because as I had to say goodbye to my Toyota Camry so long ago, so too does the country of Japan to all new Toyota Camrys to be sold in there. It’s a true sadness as Toyota is choosing to stop selling Camry sedans in Japan.

Why is Toyota Stopping The Sale Of Camrys In Japan?

Specifically, because Toyota had only gotten around to selling about 600,000 Camry sedans in the past year. Yet, only 6,000 of them had been delivered to Japan solely. So, while disheartening, the news is almost expected after the car has gone on for way too long to be sold in Japan without improving results, since it’s inception 43 years ago. Granted, Camrys will always be available here as half of them had been sold in the states. Just about 295,200 to be specific Toyota is selling the car all around 100 countries while also having been able to sell beyond 21 million of them throughout all decades.

Such a transition in the U.S.A. towards trucks and SUVs indicate a likely end for the sedan culture of Mirai, Corolla and Century models in Japan. That’s just a guess. Toyota has mentioned to all dealers how in Japan is insistent on closing out the Camry production for the Japanese market all by the close of 2023 and with the end looming near, sales have been ending in phases. Even now, there are plenty of dealers that are wrapped with the Camry orders. Yet, there are still offers that come in on the offensive of Toyota to sell the Crowd Sedan in place of the Camry.

However, the end of the Camry couldn’t be done in better justice, as it has enjoyed much success in it’s lifetime. Being that Toyota has been referenced as the most globally strategic car. Decades after Toyota brought the Camry to Japan in 1980, the automaker has been able to since sell off about 1.3 million of all the sedans there. Noticing how the car has advanced through 10 generations while selling beyond 21 million units in about 100 countries.

Stateside, the Camry has been sold 13 million times. Today, the 2023 model has come in at about $27,315 as a price tag. If the Camry left Japan, how long until it leaves the USA? The Avalon did already disappear in 2022, itself.

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