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Travelers Must Self-Quarantine

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As many other states adopt similar measures, Hawaii announced a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arriving travelers. When they reach their place of stay, they must remain for 14 days or the full length of their trip, whichever is shorter.

The order aims to protect Hawaii residents from the growing threat of COVID-19, the disease that results from the novel coronavirus. Currently, the United States has over 60,000 confirmed cases of the infection. States like New York, California, and Washington comprise over half, but health experts believe the outbreak reaches beyond what limited testing suggests.

At present, Hawaii has 90 confirmed or presumptive cases of the disease.

In order to retain a low number, Hawaii Governor David Ige issued an enforceable order for all non-essential travel to cease. It requires residents to work from home, or otherwise stay at home, through April 30. It also created the 14 day mandatory quarantine for arriving travelers.

Travelers Have Until Thursday

As each traveler arrives in the state, they must fill out a form with their contact information and address where they plan to stay. Officials check the information and actively verify it.

However, flight crews receive an exemption. Though, they will have their temperature read to ensure they lack symptoms of COVID-19.

Hawaii residents are expected to return, but officials expect most travelers will cancel their plans to visit the island. Still, the policy takes effect on Thursday, giving people a day to avoid the mandatory quarantine.

This decision drew criticism from some, stating travelers could rearrange plans to arrive early and skirt the protective measure.

Governor Ige says he chose to delay the measure one day to allow industry partners a chance to prepare. Meanwhile, Hawaiian Airlines says it plans to keep its regular schedule through Thursday. After that, it plans to reduce service to Los Angeles and Pago Pago, American Samoa to just a single daily flight.

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