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Volkswagen Jetta 2022 Costs $21,190, GLI Peaks at $31,990

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Jetta 2022 Costs $21,190, GLI Peaks at $31,990
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Volkswagen has announced pricing for its 2022 Jetta lineup today. It has confirmed the starting price at $21,190 (which includes $995 for destination) for the Jetta S. This is an increase of $1,200 over the 2021 model. Moreover, it is enough to move it over the line from our 2021 list of the new cars that are under $20,000.

At nearly $5,000, the GLI price hike may seem offensive. That is because the 2022 model is going to be offering only in the Autobahn trim. In fact, the cheaper GLI S model has been deleting completely.

Volkswagen Overhaul

Also, the Jetta did get a fairly comprehensive overhaul-in-place for the 2022 model year. Then, all models got some exterior tweaks and equipment updates. Also, the Non-GLI models will get LED running lights at the flanks of their new noses. The GLI will get red-trimmingair intakes. Moreover, the regular Jetta’s rear bumper will get some chrome accents. Whereas the GLI gets a large mesh trim around the enlarged dual exhaust tips. In fact, the LED headlights and taillights are standard on all models. The new colors and wheel designs are available, too.

Digital Cockpit

Inside, there are little tweaks that have been made throughout. Moreover, Volkswagen’s “Digital Cockpit” is an instrument setup that is now standard. There is contrast stitching which has also been adding to the dash panels and moreover in the doors for a little more detail. That gives it a slightly more premium feel. The new steering wheels have been fitting. The GLI’s is getting haptic touch buttons along with a bright red accent. Moreover, the GLI is getting new and black dash accents plus perforated leather seats with red coloring in the perforations. The GLI is pretty much loading up at its starting price since the S model has been eliminating.

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