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Waikiki Changing For The Better With Citizens Patrols

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Despite Hawaii hanging out with no worries about maintain a chill environment, it’s safe to say that we here on the furthest state from the USA don’t really know how to hang ten either.

And thus, the citizens’ patrol was born.

Specifically on the streets of Waikiki, every week a handful of police officers survey the surroundings with the assistance of some very vigilant people. Basically, these normies sniff out crime at a moment’s notice and instead of choosing to act, they are encouraged, with the authorities right behind them, to interact and diffuse a potentially dangerous situation… doesn’t that sound peaceful?

You would think that this is a good process to roll out to other cities, other states and other communities, but this is a relatively fresh concept that likely still comes with it’s bugs. All I’m saying is it’s best that they’re Till beta testing it out here in Waikiki.

What’s so interesting is that you can walk up and be a part of the civilians patrol without judgement!

Four times a week, residents police and patrol the surroundings with actual coppers looking out for trouble.

In addition to cleaning up the streets, another benefit of this is that it allows residents to go ahead and get to know the law enforcement, that sacrifices their own lives, just a little better. In which case, it makes for more trust to be strong in your opinions and find out for yourself than to trust hearsay and not show compassion towards a specific group of people just because your friends say there’s “something wrong.”

Getting back to the main benefit of citizens patrol, the intention and purpose is to engage on a more casual level than what can be done via squad car.

One man in particular is happy to work like this with the police because he gets the opportunity to stop re-offenders from destroying the community of Waikiki.

But it doesn’t stop there! There are citizens patrols all over the island of Oahu. Time will tell if it extends beyond the Hawaii community, with success.

I mean isn’t that the whole point of this? If you can’t beat them, join them? No matter how much we want to defund the police and reform them into not enacting violence acts of police brutality, the whole point here is to see civilians, if for only a few fleeting moments, as authorities on what makes sense in the public eye as far as serving and protecting others in the community from danger or at the very least inconvenience. I honestly don’t know how else we as a society could possibly advance the agenda of change if we don’t start making it happen in small dosages. Simple enough, crispy clean approaches through the eyes of one with the jurisdiction to arrest May be the best option when it comes to booking the rule breakers.

A big secret of citizens patrol is that it allows for citizens and policemen alike to notify each other of problem areas in the neighborhood.

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