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Winter Wonderland is Now a Socially Distant Event Inside a Stadium

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Winter Wonderland is Going to Take Place at Aloha Stadium

The Winter Wonderland is going to take place with a twist at the Aloha Stadium instead of as a drive-thru winter wonderland.

Winter Wonderland is going Under the Moniker of Aloha Show Land

The Honolulu City Lights and other community holiday events are canceled or altered because of COVID-19. Instead, Michael Gangloff, founder of Show Aloha Challenge, has put together the Aloha Show Land.

This Winter Wonderland is a Christmas-Oriented Landscape Featuring No Contact Drive Through

Moreover, with a Christmas landscape and no contact which means no COVID-19 fears, it’s a half-hour drive-thru event.

Aloha Show Event Features Over a Million LED Lights

Therefore, everything is being built from scratch. This includes seven miles of steel and over a million LED lights, according to Gangloff.

All Work Done Masterly In-House

“We literally built these arches and we bent them ourselves,” said Gangloff. “We did everything in house.”

Finishing off Aloha Show Land in a Month

What would take eight months to put together is getting done in just a month by Gangloff and his team.

Now the Team is Racing Against the Clock To Finish this Event up

“They’re so phenomenal, my team works all the way through Saturdays and Sundays,” said Gangloff. “Working 80 hours a week to accomplish this and making hardly any money and if not volunteering their time.”

The Winter Wonderland Proceeds Will Go to a Charity

All proceeds from the winter wonderland will be going to charity.

“We are going to start in January 2021, it’s the ‘Aging in Place’ program,” said Gangloff. “This is where we go into seniors’ homes. From there, we will install grab bars, handrails all at low cost, and retrofit their home, so seniors can age in place.”

If tickets sell out Gangloff, said the stadium is allowing him to extend his show even longer.

The Aloha Show Land will be open to the public on November 27th, but tickets can be reserved online.

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