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NC Woman Missing for 8 days, Search Continues

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MAUI, HA – Over one hundred volunteers along with search dogs and the Maui Police Department have been vigorously scouring a thick Hawaiian forest for Amanda Eller. Police labeled the woman as missing since May 8. Friends posted this information on a Facebook page dedicated to the search effort.

Amanda Eller, 35, is a yoga instructor who hails from the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Currently, she lives on Maui, according to WTVD.

Per reports, Eller was last spotted at roughly 7 a.m. on May 8. The very next morning friends reported her as missing. Furthermore, olice spotted her Toyota before 10 a.m. on May 9 at the Makawao Forest Reserve. According to authorities, friends considered this normal as this was considered a regular location where she came to hike or jog.

“The key to Amanda’s car is found under the vehicle’s tire,” police noted in a press conference held on Thursday. “Inside they found her purse, cell phone, wallet, ID, and credit cards, a backpack and full water bottle are also found inside and a pair of black flip flops are found in the car as well.”

Friends say it’s not unusual for her to not carry her cell phone with her.  Right now the family and her friends are busily trying to raise funds in order to continue the search for her. Since there are many dangerous and precarious ravines in the Reserve, the family needs people with experience to go down there and search.

Authorities say as of now there are no indications foul play was involved in her disappearance. In fact, a Thursday press conference revealed that her boyfriend, Ben Konkol, passed a voluntary polygraph test.

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